Taxco Cat Eye Silver Bracelet

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The cat eye gem stone in this bracelet is pronounced within this dainty but dashing Taxco silver bracelet. A cat eye is an optical phenomenon that occurs in certain gem stones. The light shining on the stone creates a moving band of light similar to a cats eye.

The stamping on this bracelet is light and as such only parts of it are visible. What is visible is a "CRC" and "Taxco". The bracelet also tests for silver and a 925 may be partially visible within the stamping. 

The metal working itself, though neat and pretty, is not the selling point of this bracelet. The cat eye gemstone is. A dark cat eye gem stone is the centerpiece of this stone and its color is a mystery. It appears grayish however it moves towards a bluish purple as the light moves the cat eye across the face of the stone. The pictures do a good job of capturing the essence of this piece so you can decide on the color yourself.

I believe the stone is a scapolite but that is only my best guess. Regardless the name of gem stone the action of this stone is undeniable. Just look at the pictures and you can see how much the cat eye in this stone stands out. 

This bracelet is approximately 16 grams. It is approximately 5.25 cm by 6.25 cm. The bracelet is sold as is and the buyer pays shipping of $5. 

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