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Amethyst Dreams Handmade Mala : Amethyst, and Faceted Amethyst

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Handmade 108 Stone Mala made entirely with Amethyst beads. Even the Guru Bead of this stunning Mala is a faceted Amethyst bead. 

There are four types of Amethyst in this Mala: a dark purple faceted Amethyst at the bottom closest to the Guru Bead, a lighter polished Amethyst, a darker polished Amethyst at the top, and finally a large faceted Amethyst Guru Bead. 

The Mala is finished with a handmade purple flowing silk tassel. For anyone who loves Amethyst this Mala is the perfect piece. Great for a night out, the Opera, or yoga.

There are metaphysical properties that have been ascribed to the stones, here are some of the properties that are acceptable by metaphysics.  


Amethyst - is a perfect stone for the spiritual wakefulness of Pisces. Pisces is susceptible to taking on the woes and sadness of others. Amethyst helps to transmute heavy emotions into love and light. Amethyst crystal helps to block stress from the environment. It also creates a force field, helping to maintain energetic boundaries. 


A unique creation made with love and intention.

Made in the USA .

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