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Custom Stone Bead Bracelet

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The purchase of the "Custom Stone Bead Bracelet" entitles you to a custom made Good Karma Products stone bracelet. These stone bracelets are handmade and made with real stone beads. The purchase includes a consultation in which we will discuss the beads you wold like in your custom bracelet. The stone beads are both beautiful and many believe the different types of stone have different metaphysical properties. We can help identify the best stones for your custom bracelet. 

Your bracelet comes on a stretchy cord. The bracelets are very easy to put on and take off. You will not be fumbling and struggling with clasps. The bracelets can last for years depending on the care of the wearer.

We have over 20 different stone beads available for a custom bracelet at this price. We can make premium bracelets for additional cost.  

Upon purchase we will contact you to discuss available beads and pattern. If we are not able to put together the desired bracelet together your money will be refunded. The bracelet will be made by either Peter or Mariel.

Shipping, handling, and taxes included. Thanks!.