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Bear Paw Turquoise and Sterling Silver Southwest Style Shadow Box Ring - Size 5.5

Bear Paw Turquoise and Sterling Silver Southwest Style Shadow Box Ring - Size 5.5

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This Sterling Silver and Turquoise Southwest Style ring includes two common Native American design features. The ring is in the design of a bear paw which is a common design style of Southwest Native American tribes. In addition this ring is a great example of the use of shadow box designs to create a stunning piece of art. In this case the bear paw print is created in the ring by the use of shadow boxes. A shadow box is a hollow space with a darkened interior. It is commonly found in Native America pieces as well as in Southwest and Mexican pieces. 

The ring is slightly over an 1 1/2 inch tall and about 3/4 inches at its widest. The ends come together at a tapered 1/4 inch. The setting stands slightly over a 1/4 inch from the band. It weighs approximately 10 grams.  The band size is approximately 5.5.

There is no stamping on the ring. The ring does test well for sterling. Overall this ring is a great value if you are looking for a Sterling and Turquoise ring. You are getting a good amount of ring, surface area wise, and a nice chunk of Turquoise, with a fantastic design. It really is a terrific piece. 

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