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"Fossilized Strength" - Apatite, Golden Obsidian, Rudraksha, and Ammonite Handmade 108 Stone Mala

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This Mala has actually been through South America and up to the Inca settlement below the peak of Macchu Picchu. We had intended to get pictures of it in South America but never did. This premium Good Karma Products Mala has a 108 bead strand made with Apatite, Golden Obsidian, and Rudraksha Seeds. This piece is finished with a Fossilized Ammonite and a Rudrasksha and Apatite beaded tassels.  As a premium Mala this piece also comes with one of our sterling silver tags. 

Apatite (blue stone) is considered a dual-action stone known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals. It clears away confusion, apathy or negativity, then, stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth. It may be used for personal growth or for the collective good.

Golden Obsidian (black stone with golden hues) is believed to create a protective shield that deflects negativity and repels attempts of others to assert power over us. It helps us to uncover our unique skills and hidden talents whilst releasing blockages to our spiritual and personal growth.

Rudraksha Seeds (brown seeds) are not stone but are frequently found in Malas and other far eastern jewelry. Rudraksha is a Sanskrit word. Rudra is a name for the Hindu god Shiva (translated as the roarer or howler), who is the god of Destruction. Aksha means "teardrops". Thus the rough translation would be "Tears of Shiva". Wearing the seeds are supposed to be healing and give the wearer eternal blessings and strength.  

The Guru Bead is a fossilized Ammonite. Fossils are thought to assist you in transition, transformation, and personal growth. They are known to help you to understand the process of change

This Mala is approximately 22 inches in length from the tassels to the stones at the back of the strand. The strand beads are approximately 8mm.  

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Good Karma Products' Malas come with a manufacturing warranty. We will remake the Mala for free if the strand breaks due to manufacturing defect. We do offer restringing for Good Karma Products purchased Malas for a nominal fee.  

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