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Gene Nataan Navajo Sterling Silver Storyteller Heavy Cuff Bracelet

Gene Nataan Navajo Sterling Silver Storyteller Heavy Cuff Bracelet

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A handsome and heavy example of a Native American "Storyteller" bracelet depicting a typical Navajo home in the 20th century. A "Storyteller" is a piece of Native American jewelry that tells a story. Generally it is scenes of life but can also depict the Pueblos inhabited by Southwest Native Americans. 

In this piece you have the traditional Navajo dwelling in the center with a woman in front of the house. On the left side of the scene we have  smaller structure, believed to be a dog house, under a protective covering. The two animal figures we believe are a dog and a sheep, both animals traditionally associated with the Navajo. On the right side there is clearly a horse, a loom with blanket, and a pick up truck. Their is a tree and a mountain which represents one of the sacred mountains of the Navajo. In the Navajo creation story the first men were placed between the four sacred mountains. It is easy to imagine that the scene tells the story of where the artisan who made the piece lived or maybe grew-up. 

The piece is a terrific example of silver overlay work and hand stamping. The bracelet has the typical "Sterling" and makers hallmark, which is an "N" in this instance.  "N" is the identified hallmark for Gene Rataan, a known Navajo silversmith. This piece also contains stamping on the inside. In the Native American tradition this stamping creates personal magic for the wearer. The exact meaning behind the personal magic stamps in this piece are not known to us. 

This bracelet fits Peter and is 93 grams, almost 3 troy ounces, in weight. It is about 1 1/4 inch tall and at its widest is 2 1/2 inches. It stands 1 7/8th inches tall. The gap at the back is currently 1 1/4 inch wide. 

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