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Lucion Koinva Sterling Silver Native American Kokopelli Overlay Ring - Size 8

Lucion Koinva Sterling Silver Native American Kokopelli Overlay Ring - Size 8

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Among many of the Southwest Native American Tribes, including the Hopi and Zuni, the Kokopelli figure represents the "God of Fertility". The modern Kokopelli depiction is a figure with a humpback, a headdress of feathers, and a music pipe. The God is generally associated with childbirth, crop growth, and the rains. He is also considered a trickster and a musician. In a rare twist the term "Kokopelli" also refers to real people, generally traders, who traveled between the dispersed settlements. These individuals would dress colorfully, have a large pack full of trade goods, giving them the impression of a humpback, and a pipe they played music on to inform the settlement of their approach and peaceful intentions. They were masters of language, and though jokers, entertainers and traders, were apparently well respected.

This beautiful Lucion Koinva ring pays tribute to the tradition and legend of the Kokopelli. Lucion Koinva is a member of the Hopi tribe and a known artist with a following all the way to Japan. The ring includes his stamped hallmark, "LK", as well as "STERLING" and a hand engraved inscription "2013.7.3 Moon". The piece includes the modern Kokopelli figure (the ancient Kokopelli symbol for the god generally included a phallic design addition) as well as traditional Hopi designs of waves and spirals. The Kokopelli is next to the the symbol for thunderclouds as a tribute to the Kokopelli's mastery of the weather. 

The Kokopelli figure is a great example of traditional overlay work. Lucion differentiates himself with what is called "open overlay" which is the silver-work where he has cut all the way through the silver band within the design. 

The band is at it's narrowest 3/8th inches wide and at its largest 7/8th inches wide. 

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