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Earth and Intuition : Moss Agate, Labradorite and Kunzite Mala

Earth and Intuition : Moss Agate, Labradorite and Kunzite Mala

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This 108 bead Mala Necklace is hand knotted with Moss Agate, Madagascar Grey Labradorite, and Kunzite. Embellished with a beautiful light Pink Opal guru bead and handmade pink silk tassel. The color green is a reminder of nature and fertility, while the iridescent grey Labradorite is of intuitive and mystical quality. 

This 108 bead Mala Necklace is made in the traditional fashion with hand-tied knots between each bead. This technique allows the Mala to lay gracefully on the body when worn. It also makes meditation with the Mala beads easier, as you move your finger over each individual bead with your mantra.

There are metaphysical properties that have been ascribed to the stones. Here are some of the properties that are generally accepted by the metaphysical community:  

Moss AgateBrings peace of mind and refreshes the spirit. Helps to develop intuition.

LabradoriteHelps develop strong psychic powers. A self-discovery stone, it is excellent for awakening one's awareness of inner spirit, and intuition.

KunziteHelps align the emotions rationally. Relieves emotional stress and provides serenity.

Pink Opal -  A gentle frequency that helps to calm and soothe your emotional body, clearing and calming the heart to bring a sense of love, peace, and hope.

A unique creation made with love and intention.

Made in the USA .

Namaste - Mariel

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