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Running Bear Shop Southwest Sterling Spiral Overlay Turquoise Earrings

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These unique earrings are adorned by Spiral symbols separated by three small Turquoise nugget beads. The Spiral is a a very old and universal symbol first etched by primordial man on the walls of cave dwellings or the sides of cliffs. 

The more universal Southwest Native American meaning for the Spiral is the course of life or of nature. Starting from the center, or individual, you travel through life, represented by the spiral. The Hopi Tribe uses the spiral to represent Ho-bo-bo, the twister who manifests his power by the whirlwind. The Navajo use it commonly to represent the way to plant crops in the pre-Colombian fashion. 

The earnings have hooks anchored in the first Spiral symbol. The spirals are silver overlay. The two Spirals are separated by 3 green Turquoise nuggets. The Spirals are approximately 5/8ths inch in diameter. The three nuggets are each about a 1/4 inch high and about 1/8th of an inch wide. The earrings dangle a little more than 2 1/2 inch from top of hook to the bottom of the second Spiral. They weigh a total of 9 grams together as a pair. 

The pieces are stamped with a Bear pictograph and "925". These are the marks of the "Running Bear Shop", a historical Native American jewelry dealer located in New Mexico. Items with the shop hallmark were made for the store and the exact artisan is unknown. 

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