What is a Mala? Mala Information and more!

Malas are a spiritual item with a purpose. The very word Mala has a deep meaning when translated from Sanskrit. "MA" means mother and the unconditional love which flows from her. "LA" means love of garland and decoration. Malas originated in Tibet within the Buddhist Tradition. Malas are traditionally used for meditation and are believed to bring in and retain energies. Wearing a Mala can help you to concentrate your mind through the repetition of mantras, in the act of meditation, or through thoughtful centering of mind and body. Basic practice is to say a Mantra on each stone. It can be a simple “Om '' or an affirmation one wants to put out into the universe. For example, “the test will go well”. Malas can also be used for breathwork with one taking a deep breath on each stone. This exercise can last around 10 minutes. 

Malas are believed to have 108 beads for a number of different reasons. There are likely over 108 different reasons why a Mala has 108 beads. Through our research we have identified what we think are the most logical and romantic. It either relates to the number of verses in a deeply revered early Buddhist text or may deal with the believed number of human emotions or states.

Tradition dictates how an individual should wear a Mala to tap into the spiritual energies that are believed to be drawn into the Mala. Malas can be worn as necklaces for centering and retaining energy while wearing Malas on the wrists is believed to allow energy to flow.

It is said you should wear your Mala on your left wrist to receive energy, which is known as Moon energy. The right side is Sun energy. If you wear a Mala on your right wrist it is believed you are giving energy to others. This is in line with the fact that the Sun emits energy and the Moon absorbs and reflects it.

The tradition states there are many ways to cleanse your Mala and stones of energy. These include burning Sage, burning palo santo wood, burning incense, dosing with rose water, or hanging them in the full moon .

Unlike a traditional piece of jewelry you are supposed be very happy if your Mala breaks because all the intentions and thoughts you had while wearing it are done with. This is believed to help you to move forward and onward. If you don't share this view, or just love your Mala too much to let it go, we do offer re-stringing services for a nominal fee. Our Malas do also come with a limited warranty. If the Mala breaks due to a manufacturing flaw we will remake it for free. We only offer our restringing service to customers who have purchased the Mala from us. 

Malas make great gifts. Our Malas make one-of-a-kind gifts which will be cherished by the proper recipient for a lifetime. Our Malas are all handmade with 108 beads and knotted between each bead. These beautiful pieces are handmade with natural stone beads. Each one is a unique creation.