About Us

Good Karma Products Incorporated is a small family business committed to providing you the highest quality items for a reasonable price. We firmly believe that what goes around comes around and we incorporate that into the very fabric of our business. 

All of our Good Karma Products are made in the USA. We strive to use ingredients made in the US whenever possible. We strive to use responsible materials in our products and as such do not use palm oil or coconut oil. If you think we're using an irresponsible material please let us know and we'll consider removing it from our products.

Traditionally we spend our summers, fall, and early winter selling in Colorado and in Texas during the deep winter when the show season in Colorado runs dry. We make our products where we are. Good Karma Products sells soaps and other artisanal products at crafts shows and other festivals and shows. You can buy our soaps and other products online 24/7. 

As of right now we are a small organization. Shipping will generally occur within 2-5 business days of receipt of your order.