Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the Lava Stone come from Hawaii? 

Answer: We do not source our Lava Stone from Hawaii. There are a number of beliefs related to taking Lava Stone from Hawaii away from Hawaii. Since our Lava Stone is imported to Hawaii you don't have anything to be worried about! 

Question: There was plastic packaging in our order. Why is this? 

Answer: A lot of items we order in support of the business come with plastic packaging. In order to "reduce, reuse, or recycle" we reuse this packaging and ask that it be recycled or reused by our customers. 

Question: What is cold-process soap? 

Answer: Cold-Process soap is a batch method for manufacturing soap. Contrary to its name heat is often utilized in the process. Saponification occurs during the process which makes our soap.  It produces a particularly luxurious product due to the capture of glycerin within the soap. 

Question: What is "saponification"? 

Answer: The process for producing soap using fats and lye.  

Question: What is the best way to store my soap before use? 

Answer: The best way we have found for storing the soaps is in a paper bag inside a larger container like a plastic bin. You want to also keep the soaps out of direct sunlight as the powerful sunlight will damage and degrade the soap. If you are storing in paper bags for long periods it is best to swap out the paper bags monthly as they do absorb some moisture. 

Question: What is the best way to store my soap during use and give it the longest life? 

Answer: To make a soap last longest store in a location where the bar of soap is not sitting in water. A wire rack or a soap disk with holes or slats is a good solution. Leaving the soap lying on the side of the tub, or in a flat storage area, will still allow water to be trapped under the soap. This will lead to the bar of soap getting slightly squishy in the area touching water. When the bar of soap is wet and soft it uses up faster. If your soap gets soft you can put in a location to dry. This will make the bar longer lasting than if you use it when it is squishy. 

Question: Why should I have to care about where I store my soap? it should last in whatever conditions I happen to leave it.

Answer: Our soap is not made with any artificial hardeners. Many large brand soaps are filled with chemicals that make the bars of soap last longer both in use and on the shelf. Many of these chemicals are harsh and can be harmful to your skin or long-term health. We used to use large brand cheap bath products. Then we started using our products after we began making them as a hobby. We noticed a substantial improvement to the condition of our skin. Our soap is real soap. That makes a real difference.  

Question: Why can't I get immediate shipping? 

Answer: Unfortunately (and fortunately) Good Karma Products Incorporated is a small enterprise. As such it may take us 1-5 business days to ship the product and then additional shipping time (usually another 1-5 days). Expect your product within 10 days.

Question: Can you make a special soap or other products on request? 

Answer: Of course. Please go to the "Contact Us" page and send us a message with what you want. 

Question: I am in need of wedding gifts for guests? Can you make me a wholesale quantity of soaps or other products? 

Answer: Of course. Please go to the "Contact us" page and let us know what you are looking for and we will send a quote and timeline. Note that a soap takes a few weeks to be prepared and ready for use. 

Question: Is there a difference between "real" soap and soap that is detergent?

Answer: YES! YES! YES! Real soap utilizes the molecular structure of the soap molecule itself to cleanse. Detergent mimics that process with other ingredients (generally for cost saving purposes) that can be very harmful to your skin. For more information on "real" soap see our blog post "My Soap Isn't Soap?!"

Question: One of my products said made in Colorado, another said made in USA, and another said made in Hawaii

Answer: We recently have relocated from Colorado to Hawaii. We are in the process of rebranding our products. As we wind down product made on the mainland we are switching to Made in Hawaii. That is why the location of manufacture may vary. Our products, regardless of where manufactured, are always made with the same level of quality. 

Question: Do you make everything you sell?

Answer: The vast majority of our products are made by us. We do sell high quality vintage and antique jewelry. We specialize in Native American and Mexican silver pieces. Peter's parents are antique dealers and he got the silver bug from them. Mariel got it from Peter. The pure essential oils are not currently manufactured by us but one day we would like to be vertically integrated and manufacture our own essential oils. 

Question: How do I use a bath bomb?

Answer: As the name would suggest this is a "bomb" for your bath. Simply drop in your bath and duck for cover! Just kidding! The reaction is not that intense. Upon dropping in the bath the bath bomb will fizz and bubble for a few minutes as it releases aromatic scents and ingredients into your bathing water.