Why You Should Buy Our Soap

It is simple and easy to ignore the elephant in the room. Especially when you are trying to sell someone something. But let's go ahead and take the elephant by the tusks and the trunk and take it head on

Why should you buy Good Karma Products Incorporated's soap for $5-$6 dollars a bar when you can go down to the market and buy a "good" bar of soap for $1.50. Something like Dove. These industrial bars don't treat and nurture your skin in the same way. Due to the mass production, and industrial nature of the product, there are less than ideal ingredients in these industrial and highly commercialized products.

Here are some common ingredients found in "good"  popular "soaps" like Dove or other known brands:

Fragrance. That's all they disclose on the label. But what is this fragrance really? The fragrance label can cover over 200 plus chemicals and due to the "trade secret nature" of the fragrances they don't have to disclose what is in it.  In our soaps you know exactly what essential oil, made through distilling plant material, is in the soap. There is no imitation. Our Lavender Essential Oil IS Lavender! Not some chemists best impression. Who knows what vile concoction of chemicals you are literally lathering on your skin. We just give you what nature intended.

Have you ever heard of Tetrasodium EDTA? Unless you're a chemist you probably haven't. Tetrasodium EDTA exhibits low acute toxicity in rats.[1] It has been found to be both cytotoxic and weakly genotoxic in laboratory animals. Which means it kills living tissue and damages genes. Oral exposures have been noted to cause reproductive and developmental effects.[2] The same study by Lanigan[2] also found some good news about it. The good news is you may not be exposed to enough to be toxic.  However adverse effects with long term use have not been conclusive. With your largest organ do you really want to take chances?  

Tetrasodium EDTA is used because it helps soften your water and preserves the soap. Does that seem like a great trade off? A company wants a longer lasting bar of soap so you literally bathe in chemicals.

Another common ingredient is Methylparaben. Methylparaben is an antifungal agent often used in a variety of cosmetics and personal-care products. It is also used as a food preservative. That's the upside. The down side is studies indicate that methylparaben applied on the skin may react with UVB light, leading to increased skin aging and DNA damage. Also, though there is debate, it is believed that parabens (anything that ends with paraben), may contribute to breast cancer. The Livestrong website has a good write up on the ingredient.

We don't use products like this in our soap. We prefer a shorter life for our soap than a shorter life for our customer.

Harmful Colorants are used in a lot of "good soap" including some brands that try and pass themselves off as handmade and natural.  A common colorant for white is titanium dioxide. Like a lot of other industrial ingredients titanium dioxide creates a lot of debate. Primarily whether or not it can causes cancer. We prefer to avoid such debates and use only products that are known to be safe with no debate. Those bright and crazy speckled soaps may look appealing to you but have you really thought about how those are attained? We do some pretty incredible coloring on our products but we assure you we use only natural colorants. We can rival the competition with healthier alternatives.

We could go on and on about harmful ingredients that other so called "soap" makers use.  We will continue to bring harmful ingredients to your attention. But I'd like an opportunity to discuss our key ingredients.

Animal or Vegetable Oils. These are needed to create soap. We use the highest quality available and make sure that we only used good ingredients. If you ever see something in our soap that alarms you, please let us know.

Essential Oils. We don't use fragrances. We use essential oils. A little more expensive but a whole lot better for you.  Literally the concentrated oil form of the plant we are using. Can't get more natural than that! Further we avoid solution derived oils.

Lye. Can't make soap without it. We use a pure lye that is of the highest quality. Not an industrial, meets the bare minimum, two thousand pound load.

Natural Colorants. Things like Moroccan Red Clay, spirulina, seaweed, beetroot and the essential oils or the oils themselves. Nothing concocted in an industrial lab.

We may put in some exfoliants, but they are natural items. Things like coffee, lavender flowers or poppy seeds.

Good Karma Products Incorporated prides itself in only including only what is needed and what is of the best quality. That's all. No chemicals added to increase shelf life. Nothing to enhance the detergent being passed off as soap. When it comes to putting things on your skin we think less is more.   

Our ingredients are great. Our process is better. As a result our soap is better. Your epidermis (skin) is your largest organ. Why lather it with something that may harm you?  Why wouldn't you want to take the best care of your skin possible? You only get one skin to wear. Take care of it and wear it with pride! Use our Good Karma Products Incorporated's offerings to treat your skin the way it deserves. That's why you should buy our soap. It's the soap your skin deserves.

Another reason is our products are handmade and made in the United States.



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