Lavengrass Pink Pumice Soap - 5 Pack

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Lavengrass? Just like the essential oils in this soap it is a combination of Lavender and Lemongrass. 

This delightful pink soap has both Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils. Pink Kaolin Clay gives this soap its vibrant color. Ground pumice stone is the finishing touch to this soap giving it a scrubbing quality. 

In this purchase you get 5 count 4oz-5oz soap bars. In addition you will receive a free gift!. 


Shea Butter-From the nut of the Shea Tree this ingredient is a great addition to any bar. The ingredient is known for its ability to help with a number of skin conditions. Further the use of this ingredient promotes responsible economic development in West Africa. Higher utilization of Shea Butter increases the price of the commodity and prevents the trees from being cut down and burnt for firewood and charcoal.

Sunflower Oil - Conditioning in soap it adds a silky feeling to the soap.  Sunflower oil contains Vitamin E which helps preserve the bar of soap naturally. 

Olive Oil -  It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, and it has a thick and nourishing consistency.

Soy Oil- Produced from the soybean which is generally a product of the USA. Soy oil is high in linoliec acid which adds a silky feeling to soap. Soy oil is also high in Oleic acid which leads to a mild bar of soap that is gentle on the skin.

Safflower Oil- Safflower oil is an unsaturated oil, valuable for its moisturizing properties. It helps build lather and keeps it around. Safflower imparts a unique signature on every soap it is in.

Grapeseed Oil - A lightweight oil that absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving a heavy greasy feeling. It has mildly astringent qualities. It is known to be beneficial for different skin conditions.

Canola Oil-Helps stabilize lather and allows for a mild soap that will not irritate the skin. Canola oil is a way to obtain palmitic acid without using palm oil. Palmitic acid helps make a more durable and lasting bar. Canola oil is generally a product grown in the US or in Canada.

Castor Oil -Conditioning and moisturizing. Castor oil is unique in being almost entirely composed of ricinoleic fatty acid, found in no other oils and possessing a high affinity for water molecules. This makes it an excellent humectant, attracting and holding moisture to the skin.  

Lemongrass Essential Oils- Provide a refreshing sweet-lemon smell. Research online for other identified benefits. Known as a great cleanser. 

Lavender Essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia)- A well known floral scent. Relaxing to smell. It is believed to be calming and relaxing. Search online for Lavender essential oils benefits.

Kaolin Rose Clay - In addition to its delightful color this ingredient acts as a natural polisher

Pumice - Volcanic rock. Adds a scrubbing characteristic to the soap.

Distilled Water - used to create the caustic solution with the lye (required for soap making) 

Lye - Sodium Hydroxide is necessary for the saponification and the creation of the soap molecule through a unique chemical process. The soap molecule makes dirt particles soluble. Soap has a hydrophyllic and hydrophobic side. The hydrophobic side buries itself into the particle. The hydrophyllic side is attracted to water. As a result the soap molecule buries itself in the particle and causes it to be rinsed off with water. 


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