Lemongrass Charcoal Soap - 5 Pack

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If you like the scent of lemongrass essential oils you will love this soap. Infused with activated charcoal this bar has strong cleansing properties. 

This is an all vegetable oil bar and is vegan friendly. If you are looking for something that you can scrub away with this is your bar. As with all our real soaps this soap is milder on the skin than over the counters "soaps" which are often detergents. The lemon grass essential oil will leave you smelling lemony fresh! 

In this purchase you get 5 count 4oz-5.5oz soap bars. In addition you will receive a free gift!. 


Soy Oil- Derived from the soybean which is generally a product of the USA. Soy oil is high in linoliec acid which adds a silky feeling to soap. Soy oil is also high in oleic acid which makes a mild bar of soap that is gentle on the skin.

Shea Butter-From the nut of the Shea Tree this ingredient is a great addition to any bar. The ingredient is know for its ability to help with a number of skin conditions. Further the use of this ingredient promotes responsible economic development in West Africa. Higher utilization of Shea Butter increases the price of the commodity and prevents the trees from being cut down and burnt for firewood and charcoal.  

Sunflower Oil - Conditioning and silky feeling.  Sunflower oil contains Vitamin E which helps preserve the bar of soap naturally. Each oil adds its own special properties to soap and sunflower oil is no different.

Corn Oil-Helps to soften soap and stabilize the lather. This ingredient adds a fullness to the lather. Corn oil is generally a product of the United States.

Castor Oil - Conditioning and moisturizing. Castor oil is unique in being almost entirely composed of ricinoleic fatty acid, found in no other oils and possessing a high affinity for water molecules. This makes it an excellent humectant, attracting and holding moisture to the skin. 

Cocoa Butter - Conditioning and moisturizing. Adds a protective layer which holds moisture to the skin. It has a natural chocolate scent. Cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants. It is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth.


Lye-Sodium Hydroxide is necessary for the saponification and the creation of the soap molecule through a unique chemical process. The soap molecule makes dirt particles soluble. Soap has a hydro-static and hydrophobic side. The hydrophobic side buries itself into the particle. The hydro-static side is attracted to water. As a result the soap molecule buries itself in the particle and causes it to be rinsed off with water.

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