Peppermint and Patchouli with Seaweed and Chamomile Tea Soap - 5 Pack

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Long name...great soap! 

Peppermint and Patchouli essential oils combine in this soap to create an invigorating, minty fresh smell with an earthy after-note. Great for men but not too masculine for a woman. 

This soap is finished with seaweed and chamomile tea. The seaweed infuses the soap with it's many beneficial properties. This is also true for the chamomile tea. Both ingredients combine to create a scrubbing effect. The green coloring is due to the seaweed. 

This bar is great for your entire body but could also be used exclusively as a facial bar in a bathing regime.

Vegan and Gluten Free! 

See below for more ingredients: 


Corn Oil - Adds a silky feeling to soap as it is high in linoleic acid. It helps to soften soap and stabilize lather while generating fullness. It also contains vitamin E which is an antioxidant. Corn oil is generally a product of the United States.

Grape Seed Oil - A lightweight oil that absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving a heavy greasy feeling. It has mildly astringent qualities. It is known to be beneficial for different skin conditions.

Sunflower Oil - Conditioning and silky feeling.  Sunflower oil contains Vitamin E which helps preserve the bar of soap naturally. Each oil adds its own special properties to soap and sunflower oil is no different.

Safflower Oil - Safflower oil is an unsaturated oil, valuable for its moisturizing properties. It helps build lather and keeps it around. Safflower imparts a unique signature on every soap it is in.

Shea Butter - From the nut of the Shea Tree this ingredient is a great addition to any bar. The ingredient is known for its ability to help with a number of skin conditions. Further the use of this ingredient promotes responsible economic development in West Africa. Higher utilization of Shea Butter increases the price of the commodity and prevents the trees from being cut down and burnt for firewood and charcoal.   

Babassau Oil - This oil is high in lauric acid making it a great substitute for coconut and palm oil. It adds to the fluffiness of the soaps lather while contributing to the hardness of the soap. Beneficial for both dry and oily complexions.  Know to gently add moisture to the skin without contributing to an oily sheen. This oil if known for its benefits for certain skin conditions.

Seaweed -  Known for its anti-bacterial properties and packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, seaweed makes for a great soap ingredient. It is believed to be anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. 

Chamomile Tea - This ingredient adds gentle scrubbing to the bar. Chamomile is believed to be beneficial for certain skin conditions. Chamomile contains polyphenols which have not been extensively studied. Chamomile has been used for numerous purposes since Roman times.  

Peppermint Essential Oils - Minty, envigorating, and refreshing scent. Smells great and really seems to wake you up. Leaves your skin feeling tingly. Research online for other identified benefits.

Patchouli Essential Oils - The quintessential smell of the 1960's and 1970's. This signature scent is earthy and warm. It is believed to help repel insects. Research online for other identified benefits.  

Distilled Water

Lye-Sodium Hydroxide is necessary for saponification which creates the soap molecule through a unique chemical reaction. The lye is consumed during the saponification process that creates soap.The soap molecule makes dirt and other particles soluble. Soap has a hydrophilic and hydrophobic side. The hydrophobic side buries itself into the particle. The hydrophilic side is attracted to water. As a result the soap molecule buries itself in the particle and causes it to be rinsed off with water.

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