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Custom Premium Handmade Mala

Custom Premium Handmade Mala

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The purchase of this item entitles you to a "Custom Handmade Mala" made by Mariel of Good Karma Products Incorporated. During the handmade process Mariel will perform two consultations with you to determine the make-up and design of the custom Mala. Mariel has been making and selling Malas for years in both Colorado and Texas. Her custom creations are unique pieces that are made with quality, love, and intention. Not one piece is ever identical.

We will work with you to create your one-of-a-kind piece. Depending on your taste it can be a dark, sleek and mysterious Mala, or perhaps a bright, colorful, and loud Mala. You can make the piece speak volumes about your personality or perhaps capture a memory in a beautiful and meaningful manifestation.

A Mala is primarily composed of three main parts: the strand, the guru bead, and the tassel. To be considered a "full traditional Mala" the strand must contain 108 beads.Your custom Mala will be 108 beads in the strand unless you desire something different. 108 is considered a powerful and mystic number in far eastern tradition for a variety of different reasons. The guru bead is generally a larger bead found at the nexus of the strands. Usually Malas have a guru bead and a tassel, but some can have a pendant or a guru bead, with additional smaller beads, and they are still considered a Mala. Mariel hand makes her tassels.   

Mariel's Malas are hand knotted between each bead. Many find knotting eases the use of the Mala, eases the wear on the strand, and are generally more visually appealing. Knotting increases the amount of time involved in manufacture. Hand knotted pieces are made with more intention and care than mass produced items.

We will contact you after purchase to perform the initial consultation regarding the possibilities and vision of the Mala. You will need to select the stone beads in the strand from our available inventory. We have over 45 stone types in our inventory and it grows. In addition to the striking beauty of the stone beads in the Mala, the stones have been ascribed metaphysical properties. During our consultation we can discuss the metaphysics of the stones which are generally accepted by the metaphysical community. We will also discuss patterning and the selection of a guru bead and tassel. If you desire a pendant additional cost may be required.    

Once the consultation is done we will string the Mala and share a semi-finished picture of the piece for your approval. This is the second consultation performed during the custom Mala making process. Upon approval of the pattern we will knot the piece and finish it per instructions from this second consultation.

The purchase comes with a limited warranty from Good Karma Products Incorporated. This covers the strand of the Mala and entitles you to one free re-knotting for a manufacturing defect.

Once the Mala is knotted no changes to the design can be made. Our inventory of available beads is expansive but not every bead type may be available. If we do not have the stones you desire we will refund your purchase if you decide to not continue with the purchase. Shipping and sales taxes are included in the price of the Mala. See pictures for possible inspiration and examples of Mariel's pieces. 

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