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"Soothing and Loving Diffuser" - Rose Quartz, Amazonite, and Lava Stone Bracelet

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This bracelet is made with Rose Quartz, Amazonite, and Lava Stone beads. This bracelet can be used to diffuse essential oils. 

Rose Quartz is considered the "Universal Love" stone and is supposed to aid self-love and love of others. Lava Stone can be used to diffuse essential oils by adding a few drops of a diluted solution onto the stones. Lava Stone is believed to be a grounding stone that increases courage in the wearer. Amazonite is a very soothing and healing stone. 

The bracelet is handmade by Good Karma Products and comes with a tag containing information on the stones in the bracelet and the stones metaphysical properties. This bracelet comes with polished Amazonite but matte finish is available for Amazonite. Email us after purchase if you would like matte finished Amazonite. 

Price includes shipping and taxes. The bracelets may vary slightly in appearance due to the variety of stones available. The count of beads may not be exactly 33.33%/33.3%/33.33% but the look of the bracelet should approximate 1/3 Rose Quartz, 1/3 Amazonite, and 1/3 Lava Stone. Bracelets are made with a durable stretchy cord. For longest life roll on and off and take off before intensive physical activity. 

We offer our bracelets in 6 sizes: 

XS : 6 inch center line

S:    6.5 inch center line 

M:    7 inch center line 

L:     7.5 inch center line

XL:   8 inch center line

XXL: Approximately 8.5 center line

Sizing Note: Measurement is at the center, bead hole, of the bracelets. If your wrist measures 7 inches against the skin you may want to order at least a 7.5 inch size to account for the hemisphere of the bead.