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Vintage Green Turquoise Sterling Silver Cuff

Vintage Green Turquoise Sterling Silver Cuff

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When we think of vintage Native American Turquoise this is the piece that comes to mind. A classic constructed Turquoise piece with exceptional silver work. This piece is simple in construction but is made to survive the test of time. The double shank silver cuff is reinforced with twisted silver wire on either side of the setting. The setting features silver-solder beading work and finely twisted silver wire. The Turquoise is a unique shade of green that shows what looks like quartz in the matrix. The hand cut bezel firmly holds the Turquoise cabochon in place. 

This piece is not stamped but based on our opinion likely dates from the late 1950's or from the 1960's. There are numerous little indicators that this was a handmade artisan piece that was made to showcase the Turquoise cabochon which itself looks like it may have been hand cut. The stone is not in perfect condition, but as the closeup pictures show, it looks great. 

The bracelet weighs 39 grams, over a troy ounce. At its tallest the bracelet is 1 1/4 inch and just over 2 1/2 inches at it's widest. The bracelet stands just under two inches. The Turquoise cabochon is about 7/8th inches tall and 3/4 of an inch at its widest. 

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