Good Karma News 2020 Update - May

It’s been a long time since we published our last newsletter. We published it January 11th, 2019…

First off we want to thank all of our terrific customers. You are keeping us busy and hopeful during these crazy times. We are selling more online than ever before. Especially when compared to 1/11/2019. A lot has changed since then. The world is different and Good Karma Products Incorporated, like most of you, is different. Some things have stayed the same. We still offer quality American made products and Mariel and I are still loving the life that our customers have enabled us to live. It is hard scrabble right now. It is for most everyone reading this. Difficult and trying times are at hand but we are all in this together. We hope to emerge from this as a stronger company, and personally, as stronger individuals. We wish the same for all of you. In this newsletter we have included business updates, a brief summary of 2019 and early 2020, and what 2020 now holds for us.  

We do have some good news! We have re-developed our website and increased our online product offerings. We now offer 60+ unique handmade Malas on our website including custom options. There are over 50 different types of Stone and Diffuser Bracelets. We have over 50 pieces of Vintage and Antique Sterling Silver Jewelry for sale online. You can find 19 different types of Handmade Natural Soap on our website as well. We also have our beard oils, perfumes, and essential oils online for sale in our Other Good Karma Products Collection. Peter has been working really hard on his product photography...he certainly has been getting a lot of practice! We ask that you take a peak, or sneak a look, to see if anything catches your eye. 

We also have begun selling Mala Kits! We have six different Mala kits online and we think that we have some of the best options out there. 

We are finally utilizing an email marketing platform to manage and assist sending out monthly Newsletters. In this we will have monthly deals and discount codes, new product updates, show information, and more. For the next week if you subscribe to our Newsletter you will receive a one time 15% off code. In the future it will be 10%. Click HERE to sign up! 

We have tried to make the website a “virtual booth” with offerings comparable to what you can find in person at one of our shows. We actually are able to offer a greater variety of products online than in person. We also have instituted an automatic discount, within the same purchase, for 20% off a second 4 Pack of soap, Stone or Diffuser Bracelet, and now...Malas!

So what have we been up to? 2019 was a banner year for us. We got busy almost immediately after New Year and it seemed like it never stopped. We started doing shows in Texas at the end of January and transitioned into Colorado at the beginning of May. With production and shows most weeks we didn’t get a day off...and we loved every moment of it. Well maybe not every moment. Every landscape has both peaks and valleys. Some weeks we had shows for 5 of the days. The holidays were insane and by the time the year wrapped up we were exhausted and depleted but very happy with the results. Luckily we were able to take a vacation in January to South America. In February we began doing shows in Texas before we were shut down by the Pandemic. Since early March we have focused on our website and working on our social media presence.  

We learned a lot in 2019 and early 2020. One thing we learned was we were too dependent on in-person sales as a company. Our online renaissance is our attempt to rectify that. The website is far from perfect but we hope to make continuous improvements to its engineering while we continue to increase our online offerings. Physically selling in new markets was also very difficult but rewarding. We learned a lot and at the end of the day knowledge is power. We were able to diversify our customer base and we got to meet a lot of sweet and wonderful people in Texas and Colorado. 

We hope to see our fantastic customers in the near future in both Texas and Colorado. Currently we have shows in limbo for the end of May and into June. The pandemic has delayed our return to Colorado and we are currently still in Texas for the foreseeable future. We will share any confirmed dates once we know that they are going to occur. Until then, and past then, we will continue to put our focus into our online presence in order to provide our customers with the Good Karma Products they want. 

To keep up to date on our products and shows following us on Instagram and Facebook makes it easy. We also post discount codes and have free giveaways. See our usernames below: 

Instagram: goodkarmaproductsinc

Facebook: @GoodKarmaProductsIncorporated

Thank you all for your time and patronage. Stay safe and stay healthy. 

Best wishes, 
Peter and Mariel 

If you have a bit more time see below for some of our online offerings that we would like to promote: 

*New Mala Kits*

We are offering two different levels of Mala Kits. They include everything you need to build your very own 108 Stone Bead Mala. See below for our  Premium Good Karma Products Moonstone Mala Kit:

Choose from 10 different Tassel colors and 7 different Guru beads in our Premium Kit. Check out all our our Mala Kits!

*More Silver Jewelry*

We have been very busy listing our Vintage and Antique Sterling Silver Jewelry. While we do have over 50 different items online we still have HUNDREDS of items to list and will be listing more every week. Check out one of our most spectacular pieces, a Carol Felley Storyteller and Earring Set : 

Check out more Vintage and Antique Sterling Silver Jewelry specializing in Native American and Southwest Style pieces. 

*Way More Bracelets*

We have increased our available online bracelet selection to more than what we generally offer at shows. One of our new online bracelets are these made from Fluorite and Lava Stone

Check out more Stone and Diffuser Bracelets

*Stay Calm and Wash Your Hands*

If you have been washing your hands like crazy you can use our decadent Oats, Goats, and Bees Soap. The Goats Milk is great for dry skin and it lasts very well as a hand bar. 

Check out all of our online Handmade Natural Soap