Good Karma News Holiday 2018 Edition

Good Karma News Holiday 2018 Edition

We have big news!


Well...there is no denying it... we miffed the "once a month" newsletter. But in our defense...we've been busy! Especially since Peter quit his full-time job with PwC to pursue the business with 100% of his efforts. After working in public accounting for 7 years as an external auditor he decided it was time to go all in on our dream of being self-employed. And boy what a whirlwind the last few months have been! Ramping up production and increasing show days has taken a lot of our time. But now that the summer show season is winding down, and the holiday season is yet to begin, we have time to reconnect with you, our customers, and share where we have been, where we are, and where we are going!

To celebrate our big news we have a discount code for you: "BIGNEWS". Get 20% of of any order above $50.

We are looking forward to the holiday season and recently kicked things off at "Deck the Mall" on the pedestrian mall in downtown Boulder last weekend. Unfortunately Sunday we got blown away but not before sharing the holiday joy in our moose onesies:



Since we last sent out our message in June we've done a lot more shows in a lot more places. We busted our butts in Crested Butte and developed our brand in Denver. We were bold in Boulder multiple times. Grand Lakes was grand to us and Estes Park was a day in the park. We can't wait to while away the time with our customers this happy holiday season. To keep on top of our latest shenanigans and promotions look us up on our social media below:

Facebook: @GoodKarmaProductsIncorporated

Instagram: GoodKarmaProductsInc

We are about to have one of our heaviest show schedules with the coming holiday show season. And, as much as we love spending time together at the shows, we will be splitting up for a couple weekends to increase our footprint. So if you see us please be forgiving of Peter's attempts to properly describe Mariel's lovely Mala creations when we are apart.

November 17th - Eaglecrest High School Craft Show - Eaglecrest HS

November 18th - Mile High Flea Market - Booth G079

November 24th - Boulder Holiday Market - Central Park Boulder

November 25th - Mile High Flea Market- Booth TBD

December 1st&2nd - Horseshoe Holiday Market At Belmar - Belmar

December 7th - Denver Flea (Union Station)

December 8th - Denver Flea (Union Station)

December 9th - Denver Flea (Union Station)

Boulder Holiday Gift Fest - Boulder YMCA

December 14th - Denver Flea (Union Station)

December 15th - Denver Flea (Union Station)

Last Chance Gift Fest - Boulder County Fair Grounds

December 16th - Denver Flea (Union Station)

Last Chance Gift Fest - Boulder County Fair Grounds

If you come see us at our shows, are a subscriber, and mention our newsletter by name, "Good Karma Holiday News" (the password) we will give you a complimentary sample bar of soap*!  






This soap contains two of the most popular essential oils we work with: Lavender and Lemongrass. Hence the name, Lavengrass. This has noticeable traces of both scents which combine together to make a very delightful and relaxing aroma. Lavender essential oils are known for their soothing and relaxing nature while Lemongrass essential oils are known for their sweet lemon smell and cleansing abilities. Truly a great combination. 
This soap does not just smell well as well. It looks great too. The wonderful pink color is a result of Pink Kaolin Clay. This rose colored clay creates a pleasant pink hue throughout the bar. Pink Kaolin Clay makes a great micro-polisher to help scrub away with. But the pink clay isn't the only abrasive agent in this soap. Powdered Pumice Stone, a volcanic rock, gives this bar a good great for scrubbing. It makes a great foot bar and you can really notice the difference with your skin after using this bar with firm pressure.  
Like all our soaps this bar is Palm Oil and Coconut Oil free. It is an all vegetable bar with a large amount of Shea Butter. It is a good lathering bar that feels great on the skin. We recommend you use this bar directly on your skin. You can easily adjust the pressure of your hand to increase or decrease the effects of the Pumice Stone and Pink Kaolin Clay. If you know fans of Lemongrass and Lavender essential oils they will love this soap!   

Get your five pack today:

Lavengrass 5 Pack  

Or get as part of a variety pack:

Variety 5 Pack


The Siberian Strawberry Mala is hand-knotted with 108 semi-precious stone beads. It consists of faceted Muscovite, faceted Strawberry Quartz, and faceted Moonstone with a faceted Rose Quartz guru bead. The Eyes of the Mala, the beads ¼ the way up from the guru bead, are two polished Muscovite beads. The flowing tassel is handmade with soft grey silk. Tassels are symbolic of lotus blossoms and represent enlightenment. The strands combine together into one symbolizing our connection to the Divine and to each other. The top of the tassel signifies the link between all beings of the universe. As with all natural stones there are metaphysical properties

This Mala brings forth the divine loving feminine energy with spiritually amplifying stones that are magnificent for opening the heart not only to new beginnings, but also to new ideas.


Moonstone intensifies the feminine goddess energy and is the stone of new beginnings. Specially good for a woman's moon cycle, it is a wonderful stone to help balance emotions. Muscovite was used in medieval Russia as an alternative to glass windows. It is known to help stimulate the mind and encourages to give more time to your spiritual and higher-self. Muscovite also encourages unconditional love and to accept others imperfections. The Strawberry Quartz is the last piece of the puzzle. This stone radiates love, understanding, and gratitude. The stone can be soothing and calming and can assist in bringing balance to the psyche and emotions. Overall this Mala is a captivating and intentional piece. It will be a spectacular guide to a loving spiritual path.


The guru bead is a gorgeous faceted Rose Quartz that adds a vibrant characteristics to the Mala. Rose Quartz has the essence of the heart and is known for its loving properties and bringing about compassion, peace, and tenderness.

We strive to create each peace with quality. It is highly important to us that we make a unique creation for every individual.  Each Mala is made by Mariel with patience and care.


We here at Good Karma Products Incorporated are very grateful for the support and patronage of our customers since our founding in 2016. We hope to see you all soon. If you are unhappy with receiving this email please just reply with "unsubscribe".

Hope to see you soon!

   Mariel &  Peter

*Current password for free promotional item only good through the end of May. New password given for July in our next edition of Good Karma News! We reserve the right to request email address for validation of Good Karma News subscription. One half bar of soap per subscriber.

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